It's In The Details

97 Hope Street Stewart House shop interiorMarch may, ironically, feel far from spring, but we have been buoyed by watching our aesthetic come to life at 97 Hope Street. Our contractor, Dan Lamoreaux, is not only an immeasurably talented carpenter but he's shown the deepest care for both our vision and the identity of this hundred-year-old building. The palette – which is saturated in Farrow & Ball Railings – is subdued but the detail in both woodwork and stone is nuanced. There’s nothing we love more than a burst of color on a rich backdrop and Dan has helped us create a space full of platforms to display the things we’re most drawn to.

Ultimately, it’s a home shop which means it has to feel, on some level, like home. Warmth and comfort has got to exist in equal weight with enough lighting and walking space which, in turn-of-the-twentieth century buildings, is not always easy. We do believe we’re almost there though – and feeling sincerely proud to bring this little wedge of artisan work to Providence. True, our state is known for Roger Williams and religious liberty but, as a waterway in the 18th century, this city was a hub for merchants and goods from around the world. That history is always bustling around in our minds as we look for products, and we’re always thinking about where they’ll reside in the shop and what they represent – particularly given the number of artisans and perspectives that have become the backbone of our collection.

There’s still work to do but it’s only a matter of months until we can finally welcome you in – and that’s what we’re most looking forward to. We hope the shop feels like home to you too. It’ll be warm by the time the doors open, and we’ll be ready to celebrate summer in all its varied hues with our friends.