Charcoal Rouge Candle


Could Apotheke ever create a candle as monumental as Charcoal? As it turns out, yes. As elusive as its progenitor, Charcoal Rouge is slighter more piquant, slightly more floral - but without breaking the serenity of the signature scent. Think of it as a warm weather version - or even something akin to adding salt to caramel. It just punches up the version we already adore. 

11 oz. Candle

  • 3 5/8"w, 3 5/8"d, 4 3/8"h
  • 60–70-hour approximate burn time
  • Soy wax blend
  • Made in the USA

    Founder Chrissy Fichtl’s passion for soap making, scent formulation and essential oils are the roots of what created APOTHEKE in 2011. Chrissy learned about the beauty of essential oils, starting with sourcing ingredients directly from farms and teaching herself the art of soap making in her own kitchen. Over time, she has self taught herself about fragrance blending. Apotheke's candles are still made by hand, and each fragrance is thoughtfully blended at their Brooklyn factory.



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