Lily Juliet

Charcoal Sorrento Bowl


We saw these large resin bowls in NYC from across a crowded room and fell in love immediately. Yes, they’re pricey but this is a forever purchase, a centerpiece for the dining table, console, or kitchen. Fill it with scented pinecones for a decorative effect, fresh fruits and veggies, or serve the world’s most dramatic Caesar salad out of it. This is the over-the-top gift that we’d choose for any occasion.

  • 15.5″ diameter, 5.5″ height
  • Resin
  • Made in the Philippines

Lily Juliet creates elevated vessels that are both useful for entertaining and  add artistic interest to your home. Discovering a wonderful workshop on the tropical island of Cebu in the Philippines, Joel Levin, the owner and principal designer, set out to create a collection from translucent resin. Drawn to the interplay between light and color, each piece is uniquely formed depending on how the two interacted; each is like a painting, some cloud-like, some just a wave of color. While their goal is always to create designs that make life more fun and beautiful, they are also dedicated to also improving the lives of their craftsmen and their families in both the Philippines and Vietnam. 


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