Peach Large Sphere Meloria Candle


These candles, made in Livorno, Italy, are magnificent, juicy orbs of color. Honestly, we were beside ourselves when we saw them – every luscious shade – lined up in a linear rainbow. These are a few of our favorites: the colors that go with everything and the ones that will punctuate a table with soap opera level drama. 

Each candle is first dyed by immersing it in a special opaque wax bath. After at least 24 hours, the candle is immersed a second time in a natural cellulose-based varnish which takes up to six days to completely dry. They also hold their shape while burning, and melt down into their shiny shell.

  • Diameter: 6"
  • Burn Time: 100 hours
  • Finish: extra shiny
  • Packaging: in black velvet bag and elegant gift box with Meloria logo

Founded in 1805 in Livorno, Italy, Graziani is a family-owned company that produces premium quality candles, home fragrances, and accessories. The company uses a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology to make the collection of Meloria candles. The company is now run by the seventh generation of the Graziani family.



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