We often tell the story about our parents’ gallery work in NYC and how it ultimately inspired us to open Stewart House. So, of course, when they were visiting from New York this summer, we were quick to quiz them on aesthetics. Our mom tends to like delicate patterns and things that show craftsmanship. Our father, on the other hand, gravitates toward British wool and items that evoke weather in the English countryside: a marked chill in the air that necessitates a cup of tea. (Background: as kids, our mother used to tell us about a date they had in their twenties. They went to see a Somerset Maugham movie in which the protagonist spent the duration of the film in a soft chair with a wool blanket on his lap, smoking a pipe. And our twenty-two year old dad declared that this was his ideal life. So that says it all.) As fall approaches and the shopping season begins, we thought we’d share their favorites with you—perhaps they’ll shape your own choices!

Rose's Favorites: 

Jay's Favorites: